When we started working on SonicSF, back in the day, a few AMAZING individuals decided they believed in our vision and wanted to help make it happen! We love you people! Because of you, we were able to buy some gear to get this thing off the ground! We promised you a thank you song, and here it is!

SonicSF Correspondent Rob Little penned this ditty just for you! And in his song of thanks, he also thanks the SF Celebs who made guest appearances at our fundraising salon/dinner party! What does that mean? You’ve hit the big time, baby! Thank you for caring!

We don’t even know how to describe this show. It’s like a city exploded in your ears — and you heard every whisper, every bird, and every chord struck on a Friday night and a Saturday morning, no matter where you were standing.

This episode launches Season One of our serial.

On a Friday night, Dana celebrates the success of her Mensch-of-the-Month calendar, with a party at the Palo Alto JCC. Meanwhile, here in the city, Maggie initiates a misguided attempt to mesh with her beer-brewing roommates, and Ellison discovers a mysterious suitcase filled with mementos from the lives of strangers.

Two letters in that suitcase – the first one opened, the second one unopened – mailed in the early 1950s to a woman in San Francisco from a merchant marine en route to the Philippines, launch Ellison’s quest to find Elsie. Why did she never open that second letter, and yet save it for all of these years? And why was that suitcase thrown away?

The next morning, Rob shows up for his job as a Docent at the San Francisco Zoo, and Olivia has pancakes and talks politics with her dad.

Like we said, it’s life on shuffle. Welcome to SonicSF!