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September 27, 2016

JOYRIDE! San Francisco’s newest live-storytelling event, is back again with GHOSTS II, and we’re currently seeking submissions for our upcoming evening of LIVE interactive storytelling, taking place October 25th at PianoFight in downtown San Francisco. We’re looking for true first-hand accounts of non-fiction experiences.


GHOSTS II explores the human tendency to be “haunted” by people and experiences. We’re looking for outstanding tales of the disturbed, the demented, or the just plain creepy. We of course want classic ghost stories with compelling details and riveting scenes!


BUT don’t get fixed on the supernatural — we’re also looking for stories that delve into the metaphorical meaning of the word “ghost,” something that might be more personal to you, like a real person, idea, or memory that haunts you so much your life has been heavily affected by it. Here are some suggestions:


-Supernatural — demons, ghosts, haunted places, and possessions
-Personal trauma — death, addiction, culture shock
-Mistakes and failures (big or small, funny or sad) that still haunt you
-Guilt — that doesn’t seem to go away, or you can’t forget/forgive
-A place that seems like a distant memory or ghostly
-Something or someone that doesn’t go away or keeps haunting you
-Overcoming fear, problems, insecurities
-Personal ideas, ethics, or values that you have trouble dealing with or overcoming


Since JOYRIDE! is also a multimedia event, stories with pictures, film/video, audio recordings, etc. that support and supplement your story are a plus!


If you have an interesting story that matches our theme and are willing to dedicate some time in the next two weeks to conceptualizing and crafting your story for a performance, then we want you! This is an opportunity for you to participate in one of the oldest human traditions and share a piece of your unique life with other people.


TO SUBMIT: Please send a short paragraph about each story you want to pitch. Just a synopsis is fine. Send it to and if we’re interested we’ll contact you with more details!

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