We’re Still Here!

March 1, 2016

Greetings SonicSF Fans,

2015 came and went like a speeding MUNI bus! Sparks and all.

It’s been a good year of fundraising and show planning on our end! Our live-storytelling series, JOYRIDE!, was launched with a spooky Halloween event in the Tenderloin’s PianoFight Theatre, and if you weren’t there you missed out. But don’t fret, JOYRIDE! will continue its series this coming year, with an enchanting evening of storytelling at San Francisco’s Conservatory of Flowers and a haunting return to PianoFight!

We’ve also made some intriguing creative changes, and will revamp SonicSF as a radio show in ways that you’ve never heard before! Be excited (we know you will be).

So keep your ears open and your peepers peeled, because the next time you overhear an amusing sound or story, our mics might be near!

Cheers to the sounds of the city!

sonicsf 22

 Your SonicSF Team

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