JOYRIDE Wants Your Tales!

March 22, 2016

SonicSF’s live-storytelling series is back and we want to hear your stories. We are currently taking submissions for our upcoming event in July. It will take place in the Conservatory of Flowers, the oldest public wood and glass greenhouse in North America that stands proudly in Golden Gate Park.

This show’s theme is Stones Thrown in Glass Houses. We want to explore parables, proverbs, and warning tales. These phrases and stories come up time and again because people are idiots. We do the same dumb things over and over, until someone makes up a fairy tale about it! We want to hear your tales of realizing mistakes, failures, problems that is worthy of its own Confucius proverb! Here are some suggestions:

•    Really stupid decisions, made when everyone was watching
•    Hypocrisy – your own or someone else
•    Precarious situations where one move could bring it all crashing down
•    Criticism – giving it to someone you like/love, criticizing yourself/your art or passion
•    Mistakes and failures (big or small, funny or sad)

Also! We’re looking for a Fairy Tale Mirror – Since this event is being held in an ACTUAL glass house at such an enchanting location, we’d love a story that follows the same path and theme as a fairy tale. Can you remember a time you metaphorically wandered into a forest full of wolves? Have you ever been deceived by a “Fox” who made you drop your “cheese?” Or were you a “frog” at some point with dreams or goals as big as an “ox?” Did you ever leave your “ocean” home and sacrifice your “tail” for love?

If you have an interesting story that matches our theme and are willing to dedicate some time to conceptualizing and crafting your story for a performance, then we want you! This is an opportunity for you to participate in one of the oldest human traditions and share a piece of your unique life with other people. Also — if you know of someone with a great story, please pass this along to them.

These prompts are just suggestions to help you search for an intriguing story in your past! Don’t feel restricted to these by any means. If you have a compelling story you want to tell us, please do! We can figure out where it fits. Also, within these themes we are looking for a range of TONES. Any of these can be a humorous, melancholy, dramatic, exciting, action-packed, etc.

TO SUBMIT: Please send a short paragraph about each story you want to pitch. Just a synopsis is fine. Send it to and if we’re interested we’ll contact you with more details!

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