Yes, we did it and yes, people were scared!

The haunt has ended and JOYRIDE was a blast!

The audience crowded Pianofight’s bar then stumbled in to the Big Theatre ready to hear spooky tales of all kinds. The night began with an ominous Overture from audio producers Sara Bailey and Garrett Peters, setting the mood for an evening of listening and eeriness. When the blindfolds came off (although some left them on!), Willi Cohen, shared the story of her Father’s possession by the spirit of a Filipino head hunter. Bonus detail: This happened while making a documentary for Danny Glover (yes, THAT Danny Glover). Next, Malcolm McCarry told us about his valiant efforts to move his brother away from heroin addiction by physically relocating him to San Francisco, only to be sucked under by his brother’s submission to the destructive forces of the drug. Then our very own, Amanda Font, turned the flashlight on her face and gave us a tour of San Francisco’s haunted past ­­ describing walkways made of gravestones in the Marina Green, and a corpse pickled in whiskey on Nob Hill. Up next was an interactive surprise that involved LED lights and the existential questioning of each audience member’s personal past…you kinda had to be there. Then our Executive Producer, Stacy Bond, told a story about the legendary life of her sister, Shelby, and her family’s attempt to communicate with her posthumously through a physic medium. But of course, Stacy is a skeptic! We then turned the mic on the audience and three brave people shared their own ghostly hauntings. Then the finale began with a question, “Okay, do you guys wanna hear a REAL ghost story?” as Vanessa Fajardo ended the show with her hair­raising story of seeing and HEARING the ghosts of an old Native American woman and a monk in a Mission church called La Parisima.

Ghostly sounds of glass­breaking were heard throughout the night from by turns sweating or shivering audience members…some of whom were just drunk and clumsy. All in all a good time was had.


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