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Things are happening here in the Newsroom and Episodes 2 and 3 are well on their way!

If you’re wondering if Ellison found his way around Green Apple Books to further investigate the suitcase of pictures or if you’re dying to know more about beer history and alewives with Maggie, the answers are in your future.

In the meantime, take a listen to our promo for Ellison’s storyline:

And there’s more where that came from… Check out all of SonicSF’s radio goods, including promos for everyone’s stories and Episode 1 itself!

Can’t get enough of TAL’s podcast “Serial?” Sad that there won’t be an episode this week?  We’ve got your back!

SonicSf is hosting “Solving Serial” – a Happy Hour Salon Discussion all about the show, with conversation prompts, SonicSF giveaways and lots of smart, stimulating conversation about crime, journalism, radio and of course the content of the show! Have a theory? Bring it! We’ll talk about Adnan, Jay, Jenn, Stephanie and the others who were part of this tragic event, as well as whether justice has been served, and how this new examination is affecting the case.

Whether you’re an amateur sleuth, a journalist, a public radio fan, or all of the above, we’d love to have you join us for “Solving Serial,” Tuesday, November 25, from 5:30 – 8 at Pi Bar on Valencia Street in the Mission.

Tickets and details here!

Listen to the promo and get excited!

The tunnel vision I have because of my caffeine high is beginning to fade. I’ve never been so into looking at such ordinary family pictures.

I raise my head and look around the lounge area of Starbucks on Geary and 19th, and notice everyone is looking at me and my roommate, Josh (not Lorenzo, whom you hear me talking to in Episode 1. Different roommate.) We’ve been so consumed and hyper-focused, we’ve used three round tables to sprawl out the contents of the dusty suitcase we’ve just found in a dumpster on our block. We have piled old black and white pictures next to our cappuccinos and pastries.

When we started working on SonicSF, back in the day, a few AMAZING individuals decided they believed in our vision and wanted to help make it happen! We love you people! Because of you, we were able to buy some gear to get this thing off the ground! We promised you a thank you song, and here it is!

SonicSF Correspondent Rob Little penned this ditty just for you! And in his song of thanks, he also thanks the SF Celebs who made guest appearances at our fundraising salon/dinner party! What does that mean? You’ve hit the big time, baby! Thank you for caring!