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ACT FAST! The show is Tuesday night, Oct. 20th at 7:30PM. Get your tickets here before we sell out!

Here’s a prediction:

You and your friends are seated in PianoFight’s theater seats, drinking, laughing, gasping in fear, tearing up, and laughing again. Nothing is more entertaining than San Francisco’s newest storytelling event, JOYRIDE — the best — and spookiest — decision you’ve made this Halloween season!

Here’s just a TASTE of what to expect for JOYRIDE’s inaugural event Ghosts!

  1. CURSED – A daughter tells a story about her father being cursed in the mountains of the Philippines during a time when he was learning alternative healing…

On the darkest eve of Tuesday, October 20th, your spirit and earthly presence are invited to join us at PianoFight for a creepy encounter like no other.

From pale apparitions to persistent memories and followers in the flesh, we’re all haunted by something. JOYRIDE, San Francisco’s newest storytelling series, brings you Ghosts!, its inaugural LIVE event. JOYRIDE immerses you in the eerie with symphonic sound art and interactive storytelling about the ghosts, real or imagined, that float into and out of our lives. So creeeeepy… you’ll leave the nightlight on. Proceeds help fund SEASON TWO of SonicSF, an experimental public radio show and podcast all about life in San Francisco.

Hey listeners!

Things are happening here in the Newsroom and Episodes 2 and 3 are well on their way!

If you’re wondering if Ellison found his way around Green Apple Books to further investigate the suitcase of pictures or if you’re dying to know more about beer history and alewives with Maggie, the answers are in your future.

In the meantime, take a listen to our promo for Ellison’s storyline:

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